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January 15, 2009

Heidi Jane

Back in the 1990s I took a trip to Doolin, Ireland and spent the evenings in a local pub restaurant, listening to the incredible music that sprung up from the jams. The exuberance and joy of those spontaneous Celtic jams is present in the music offered up on Heidi Jane’s myspace.

Heidi Jane is a singer/songwriter whose primary instrument is violin. She has been featured on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” and is known in her local area of San Francisco for her unique musical style; her music combines elements of Celtic jams, African rhythms, and features her beautiful, pure voice. La Faranda – the lead track on her myspace and the single off of the new CD – brings to mind lots of different elements. I hear Toto’s “Africa,” the vocal playfulness of The Waitresses, some Paul Simon’s “Graceland,” the fluidity of the voice Joni Mitchell. The song is lush and beautiful without seeming to take itself so seriously; it is accessible to listeners of all different styles of music. Lovers of Celtic romps will appreciate the incredible musicianship exhibited on Whiskey Before Breakfast. The Hardest of Times has a bit of a harder and more insistent drive, with a a modern rock/girl pop vibe underscored by Celtic rhythm. Imagine early Liz Phair minus the swearing, merged with some Enya and you might be on the right track. The Songs We Used to Play could almost be considered Celtic Country, with its reminiscences of a earlier time in life. Lovely harmonies, some wah-sounding acoustic guitar rhythms and a solid drum beat all work together with Heidi Jane's beautiful violin fills and leads. Visit Heidi Jane on her site:
(photo by Hali McGrath)