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I reviewed music on and off for about 15 years, while I took a break from singing and doing gigs.

Now I've flipped that around. And here's my band, SPEED LIMIT 70.

December 11, 2008


Breathy intimate vocals on the opening track “Bukowski” bring to mind the styling of the late Jeff Buckely, but perhaps not as dramatic. Closely mic’d and sparse – with limited acoustic strumming and lonely piano fills, the song is compelling and draws the listener close. The only criticism would be that it never seems to get where it is going; at 2:23 it could be a prelude to another song. The next track “Nerve” brought to mind Springsteen singing “Philadelphia” with its semi-anguished tone and delivery. Nice use of harp leads gives the track a little Dylanesque quality. “Conscience” kicks up the pace, and pushes a driving folk pop tempo throughout. Kallish’s voice explores its harder edge, with success. “King of Kings” brings the imtimacy back to the fold, tells a story, connects with the listener. Listen at: