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December 12, 2008

Stone Avenue

Stone Avenue is an alt-folk band based in Florida whose music is “for truck drivers and migrant workers.” That may or may not be tongue-in-cheek; their hometown of Floridatown, FL is certainly not Disney. In any case, their music suggests a laid back vibe, some lazy hanging out in the summer, sitting around with friends, jamming. The recording has a low-fi appeal. I know it’s probably been said before, but “Shooting Broken Horses” is pure acoustic Dylan, from its vocal treatment, to the signature harp tone. “Up Your Tree” suggests a trippy Garcia-style guitar meander with Shannon Hoon joining in on vocals. I’d like to hear the guitar leads and fills a little more prominent since they give the song a nice kick. “Operator” introduces a bit of a reggae vibe and a talky vocal style that makes the lyrics more accessible. “This is the News”, a track recorded live in Nashville, comes blasting out of the gate with more energy than any of the earlier tracks. I would imagine this track captures more of the band’s true attitude and musical vibe. “Reading is Sexy” has a “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” vibe, and some risqué lyrics about the appeal of reading. You’ll have to see for yourself: