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December 18, 2008

The Screaming Wheats

The Screaming Wheats are a newly formed trio based in Brooklyn who have just made their music available for public consumption. A four song sample on their myspace gives a taste of what they’re about: a slightly psychedelic trippy sensibility in an indie low-fi package. Stripped down and catchy, “White Laced Hood” features a few Beatles elements, cool vocal octave harmonies and fun crowd oohs and aaahs. “Like a Caveman” is insanely catchy with its chorus: “like a caveman, with his big fuzzy brow…” The lyrics are fun and beg the listener to sing along. A brilliant cacophony of guitar distortion and power chords explodes in the middle before the verses come back in. The pop noise element of the song, with its plainly delivered lyrics, brought to mind the energy of Kurt and Nirvana. The final two tracks “Indian Warlords live jam” and “Candy Cane Butter Pants live jam” are just that – jams. I love jamming because it lets the players take risks and go places that they might not normally go, and these jams do just that. Middle Eastern tonality is spotlighted in the warlords jam, and would be perfect music to play while watching a screen of lava lamp color swirls. The candy cane jam trips a little less, has a more driving bottom-heavy vibe. Equally adventurous and free-spirited. Listen at